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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Josh King’s AT&T Wireless Post-Mortem
I enjoyed reading Josh King’s account of the sale of AT&T Wireless in the Corporate Dealmaker. It certainly brings back memories of my nearly 7 years in corporate development at SBC, including a couple of multi-billion dollar deals.

I found the account interesting reading on its own, but also useful for helping to compare how others run the deal process with my own experiences. This one was remarkably similar to what I’ve seen in the past – a good case study of running one segment of a mega-deal. All we’re missing now is parallel commentary from the bidders. With that, we’d really have an in-depth picture of this deal.

Overall, my takeaways:

1. It’s not over till it’s over, so don’t give up on a credible bidder (or seller).

2. There’s no leverage like competition.

3. Each company has its own hot buttons in due diligence, which must be satisfied.


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